Works in Progress

I am currently engrossed in painting a memorial to St. Dominic which stands in Fanjeaux, France. From the hill of Fanjeaux, St. Dominic could look over a sweeping landscape. On the night of July 22, 1206, as he looked down on the land of his labor, Dominic could see the church of Sainte Marie de Prouilhe. Some of the women he had converted had settled there, and had dedicated themselves to caring for the apostolic needs of the Church. But on this July night he saw something new: a globe of fire had descended from the sky, and it rested over the church of Prouilhe. This sign of God, or “Seignadou,” as it came to be called, served as a confirmation of his work. The church of Prouilhe was to become the first foundation of the Dominican Order. Through their penance and prayer, women in the cloister of Prouilhe would join in St. Dominic’s work for the salvation of souls.